Food Products

We offer our customers a unique taste experience with our own special brands such as Kafnun, Frulezza and Luppi. Each product guarantees quality and freshness with carefully selected ingredients and meticulous production processes.

Journey to a World Full of Flavor

We offer a wide range of products, starting from industrial chocolates to fruit products and whipped cream. The taste and quality of our products reflect Aynest’s mission to leave a permanent mark in the gastronomic world.

A wide range of products, from industrial chocolates to fruit products, from whipped cream to other special delicacies, will enable you to open new doors in the world of gastronomy. Each product is designed to appeal to your taste with Aynest’s special recipes prepared with carefully selected ingredients and mastery.

Each of our products is produced with carefully selected materials and complies with the highest standards in the industry. Our products are designed to exceed our customers’ expectations and combine excellence with a taste experience.


  • Block Chocolates
  • Coin Chocolates
  • Stick Chocolates
  • Drop Chocolates
  • Praline
  • Sprinkles
  • Cacao Powder

Our chocolates, distinguished by a higher cocoa butter content, ensure precision, performance, and versatility in every application. Effortless tempering, diverse flavor profiles, and a commitment to sustainability make Kafnun’s Industrial Chocolate Series the choice for those who demand excellence.

  • Fruit Fillings
  • Candied Fruits
  • Canned Fruits
  • Glace Fruits

Frulezza products, which preserve the fresh and natural taste of natural fruits, are an ideal choice in the pastry industry and dessert products. Frulezza aims to offer quality, freshness, and taste to its customers and captures natural fruit flavors perfectly.

  • Cream for Whipping
  • Cream for Cooking
  • Sprays

Produced using high-quality ingredients, Luppi whipped cream offers excellent taste and texture for cakes, desserts, and other pastry products. With its easy use and excellent stability, Luppi is an indispensable choice for pastry professionals and those who love making desserts at home.

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